Chipotle Mexican Grill

1100 Ken Pratt Blvd B, Longmont, CO 80501, USA

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Stoven Stovetop
October 02, 2020

No one said much of anything. I said thank you to everyone, probably 3 times each. No one said you're welcome. Or even made eye contact with me. Customer service could be better. The wait in line was close to 10 minutes. The burritos also were not properly mixed before wrapping. Also gave me the bubble guts.

Patrick Baek
September 29, 2020

One out of three times, they carelessly over-scoop ingredients and fail to wrap the burrito 🌯 properly, even when the instruction — whether in-person or online — asks for “”light” on rice and beans for that very reason. It is extremely unpleasant to unwrap a burrito that is dripping water all the over place, even though I never ask for the salsa or sour cream and near impossible to eat with hands 🙌 as the half of ingredients will just fall out of place: It often ends up looking as if I am eating a bowl of dog food being soaked in water. A well-trained employee always tend to make sure they press down on the tortilla hard and quick, thus helping it stretch easily to wrap, not mention that they will also make sure that the aluminum foil is being tightly wrapped as well for the final touch as the warm-temperature of the burrito will help it stay wrapped. What I don’t understand is not that I expect it to come out perfect all the time as I am sure some customers will ask for so many ingredients to be added such as, extra meats or avocado 🥑 , but if the person who happens to be preparing the food feels less confident about wrapping a burrito, the least he or she can do is to not put too much ingredients especially when the instruction kindly asks for less, in which it should’ve made the job easier. I get frustrated watching them doing this in front of me when I am the only customer, in meaning they are in no hurry.

Jerry Lee
September 14, 2020

My go-to

Virginia Schmidt
September 26, 2020

Definitely a weekly favorite when we don't want to cook dinner. Fast clean and friendly. I really wish they would get more consistent on their portions. You never know how much your getting with so many different hands building your bowl. The consistency of steak is always poor. Im not asking for a heaping amount but I'm definitely sad when the ladies serve you light portions and the guys serve you heavy.

Google Baron
September 20, 2020

Customer service is horrible. If you ask them to think outside of the box they automatically meet you with a no. I wanted a side of chicken and they try to give me a little cup and ask for a large size and they said they couldn't do it. Seems to me they just want to be able to push a button and not think this attitude needs to end with people in general.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

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