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    Malie Estes
    May 13, 2024

    I’ve been to a few Whole Foods around the country, and this one is by far my favorite in terms of layout, options, quality, cleanliness etc. I shop here at least twice a week and I have for the past two years and have had nothing short of amazing experiences. The butcher side has always been so nice and friendly, I have had good experiences in the check outs, customer service (I had a milk start leaking once and they were so helpful). However, in the last couple weeks I’ve been having numerous odd interactions with the bakery/hot bar/coffee side of the store. The first couple instances I wrote off as just an off day but then I had two interactions with two different employees in the same day and now I’m wondering if there’s not a management issue on that side of the store. I was preparing a salad and the Caesar dressing was empty. A worker happened to walk right by me and we made eye contact and so I said “excuse me, I this Caesar dressing is empty, could I get another one?” And he completely ignored me and kept walking. I’m sure he heard me, because, once again he was looking right at me, and walking at a leisurely pace—he didn’t seem hurried or seriously preoccupied. So then I stood there awkwardly and the pizza person witnessed the interaction and asked if I needed dressing. And I said yes so he went back and the guy who completely ignored me came out a few minutes later with dressing. Then, there were two different instances where I went to get an americano and the person helping got very visibly irritated that I was there, and one of the times very unpleasantly mentioned that “I was just going to have to wait” which I understand when people are busy and I’m really understanding—I’ve worked in customer service—I get it. It’s not easy.. but the cadence of her voice and her demeanor almost made me feel bad for even being there. Kind of like Caesar salad guy. Like “how dare you even ask vibes.” So then fast fwd to today I was trying to grab a small box for my “routine salad” and the hot bar girl stopped me and really assertively told me they were putting it together so I needed to get out. (Also which I understand—but once again why do I feel like this militant energy coming from this side of the store???) so I stepped out and politely asked if I could just have a small box for my salad. Once again, on par with the two other workers had a demeanor of strong unwelcome and irritation and was like “yea but you realize why I closed this area and customers can’t come in because they try to take things before it’s ready.” *insert aggravated annoyed tone* I only responded “I understand.” So here’s my thing, I get that customer service is hard and I’m sure they deal with annoying people all the time, but I feel like my requests were patient and pleasant and reasonable and I keep getting met with really strong attitude. It makes me not want to come in because “how dare I ask for a service that you provide?” I also wonder if maybe there’s not a management issue on that side that’s increasing internal conflict or something? Either that or there’s just some kind of general stress on that side that’s leaking out into their customer interactions. I love this store and I want to keep coming back and I feel like I’m generally a really agreeable person, but I’m not going to lie, I feel really unwelcome the last couple weeks.

    Melissa Ott
    April 10, 2024

    Do NOT shop here! Customer service is terrible. We wanted to purchase a whole cheese pizza and they had no one working behind the pizza counter, I asked for help and I was told all the pizza workers called out so they wouldn’t be making any new pizzas. I grabbed whatever cheese slices they had left and put a whole pie together. When I went to pay, Collin told me I would have to pay per slice. I said I have a whole pie and so therefore should only pay the $12 for the pie. He said flat out “no you won’t”! They wanted be to pay per slice which amounted to nearly $25. So because Whole Foods didn’t have any workers to make us a $12 pie they insisted we pay double for the exact same thing! They were incredibly rude to us, a company that is a multi-billion dollar company!! I have been shopping here for years and Will no longer be spending my money at a company who doesn’t value long-time customers. Furthermore they threw the pizza away after they took it from us! Instead of selling it to us to the price they market they would rather throw away good food! Do NOT SHOP HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jeanette Barrie
    March 26, 2024

    Great Health Food section with a Helpful Wellness Assistant. Brad helped me find everything I needed and more! I'll shop here again as it's near my home and not too busy. I wish there was a juice bar as I don't always have the time to juice my own veggies, but I found a suitable ready to go bottle in the fridge!

    Conner Lyapunov
    September 19, 2023

    what a delightful place! the macaroons were delicious, and it was incredibly handy that you could buy them one by one/pick what flavors you want. additionally, overall felt very healthy there, though i admit it can be pricey. the chicken noodle soup was also very scrumptious, as well as other miscellaneous things that i purchased. good work, good environment, good macaroons

    Lian Kang
    March 07, 2024

    I'm honestly a bit terrified of any Amazon branded stores, but this Whole Foods is pretty amazing. Everything is always well stocked and organized. The buffet is absolutely amazing, although I think they'd benefit from a food weight scale if there isn't one already for that area.

    WFM Coffee Bar

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    1250 S Hover Rd Ste 300, Longmont, CO 80501, USA

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